About Us

Stone Lake Farms is a local, small family owned and operated farming operation with one single mission.

Our family has been in agriculture in California for over 100 years. During that time frame we have seen many changes come and go in agriculture but we have remained dedicated to working with the rich soils and excellent weather conditions that we enjoy in California to grow high quality produce. In addition to farming we have always produced fresh fruits and vegetables for our own consumption, and we have also provided a small group of local friends and relatives with fresh fruits and vegetables.

A young member of the family has proposed that it is time we share the opportunity for a larger group of local people to enjoy truly fresh, pesticide free, vegetables. These vegetables will not only be fresh and pesticide free, but they will also be the young, tender type of produce you cannot purchase in any store. Young squash that, in many cases, will still have the blooms on them, green beans so fresh they snap when bent, and tomatoes that are vine ripened and picked at their peak. You will never receive anything that is not picked the day you order it. You could only experience these flavors if you had your own homegrown vegetable garden.

You click we pick

That is our motto. Stone Lake Farms will be providing only seasonal produce and our website will list what is available on that day. You will be able to select the fresh vegetables you want and they will be picked for you that day for pickup at the farm. evening.

Community Service

Would you like to be able to show your children where their food is coming from? How is it grown, etc? We would be happy to give you and your family a tour of our farm so they can see how your vegetables are grown. From a tiny seed to nice, fresh vegetables ready for your table!